The New Star Wars Canon

I've decided to stop updating this page.  I'm so far behind on so many aspects of this site, with so many additions and improvement I'd like to make if only the time were available.  So since this page is obviously separate from the main point of the site, it seemed like an obvious place to shave some time commitment away.  This will hopefully allow a small amount of effort to be transferred to other more important aspects of the site.  And there are several better places online to obtain this information, from people who are actually more knowledgeable about these details than I am.

Oops!  I accidentally got my franchises mixed up and built a chronological Star Wars reading/watching list.  While this has nothing to do with the rest of the site, I figured some people would like seeing this too, and it was fun to do.  Lucasfilm hasn't released the exact placement of a lot of the newest titles, so some of this is guesswork.  Hover for notes.

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