Treklit Species Names for Unnamed Canon Species

Below is a vast list of unnamed species from various Star Trek episodes and films, and the names which they have been given in various Star Trek books, comics, and reference works. This project was started on the TrekBBS Literature Forum, and was really expanded by user Extrocomp.  I post it here on his behalf.  I hope to find time sometime to insert the pictures instead of only links.  Email me any additions you know of to make this list more complete.

Aleek-Om’s species (Yesteryear)
Aurelians (Log One)
Skorr (Yesteryear Text Commentary)

Alfa 177 dog-like animal (The Enemy Within)
Alfa 117 Canines (Star Trek Online)
Canis Alfa (Star Trek Maps)

alien communications officer at Starfleet Headquarters (Star Trek IV The Voyage Home)
Arkenites (Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

alien in black costume at air tram station (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Megarites (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture),_TMP.jpg

aliens that experimented on Voyager crew (Scientific Method)
Srivani (Scientific Method script)

alien with bony plates (Emissary)
Brunyg (The Buried Age),_Emissary.jpg

alien with bony plates (The Muse)
Rasiinians (Star Trek Communicator #105),_The_Muse.jpg

aliens with breathing masks (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Zaranites (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

aliens with breathing masks (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Aammazaran (Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine #56)
Zaranites (Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

aliens with gold masked in Federation Council (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Xelatians (Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

aliens with huge foreheads (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Rhaandarites (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

aliens with large triangular heads (Cardassians)
Shirna (Watching The Clock),_The_way_of_the_warrior.jpg

aliens with long faces (The Ascent)
Gororm (The Buried Age),_The_ascent.jpg

alien thief’s species (Emissary)
B’kaazi (Emissary novelization)
Markalians (CCG: Second Edition)

Regana Tosh was said to be associated with a Markalian smuggling operation in the episode Hippocratic Oath. The CCG confirmed that he actually is a Markalian.

Angel I natives (Angel One)
Angelites (Star Trek The Next Generation Officer’s Manual)

Andorian (Journey To Babel)
andor'ngan (The Needs Of The Many)
Bish'ee (Among The Clans: The Andorians)
homo indi (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)
Talish (Among The Clans: The Andorians)
Thalassan (Among The Clans: The Andorians)

Ankari (Equinox)
Species 7690 (Brief Candle)

Antedians (Manhunt)
Antedeans (Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Ardanans (The Cloud Minders)
Ardani (The Federation - FASA)

Arex’s species (Beyond The Farthest Star)
Edoans (Log Four)
Edosians (
Saurians (The Federation - FASA)
Triexians (Cold Wars)

Atreans (Inheritance)
Cray (Inheritance script - first draft)

Axanar (Fight Or Flight)
Axanarians (The Four Years War)
Axanari (Star Trek The Original Series: Core Game Book)
Axanarri (My Brother's Keeper: Republic)

Axum’s species (Unimatrix Zero)
Mysstren (Acts Of Contrition)

Ba’ku / Son’a (Star Trek: Insurrection)
Brek’a (Planets Of The UFP)
Ka’bu (Star Trek: Insurrection novelization)

Balok’s species (The Corbomite Maneuver)
Fesarians (Second Nature)
Linnik (The Face Of The Unknown)

Barkonians (Thine Own Self)
Korialians (Thine Own Self script - first draft)

Beauregard / Gertrude (The Man Trap)
Baldric plant (Star Trek II Biographies)
Beauregard Weeper (The Worlds Of The Federation)
Terrestrius manus (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

Berengaria VII dragons (This Side Of Paradise - mentioned)
Draco berengarius (Bajor: Fragments And Omens)

Beta III natives (The Return Of The Archons)
Landrusians (The Federation - FASA)

Betazoids (Encounter At Farpoint)
Species 1599 (Engines Of Destiny),_2371.jpg

big-haired Babel delegates (Journey To Babel)
Loktarans (Star Trek Online)

big-headed aliens in Federation Council (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Arcadians (Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

blue alien with a beak (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Betelgeusans (Star Trek The Next Generation: Player’s Guide)
Betelgeusians (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

Bre’el IV natives (Deja Q)
Bre'ella (Articles Of The Federation)
Bre’ellians (

Breen (Indiscretion)
Amoniri (Zero Sum Game)
Fenrisal (Zero Sum Game)
Kalystarians (The Hall Of Heroes)
Paclu (Zero Sum Game)
Silgov (Disavowed)
Silwaan (Zero Sum Game)
Vironat (Plagues Of Night)

The Silgov mention in Disavowed might be a typo referring to the Silwaan. The Silgov have appeared in other novels where they were not described as members of the Breen Confederacy.

butterfly dancers on Rigel X (Broken Bow)
Klimasz (A Choice Of Futures)

Bynars (11001001)
Binars (Star Trek The Next Generation Officer’s Manual)

Camus II civilization (Turnabout Intruder - mentioned)
Yiterans (Worlds - Decipher RPG)

The novel What Price Honor? mentions the Camus system in relation to a race called the Anu'anshee (also known as the Irakua and the Krytallans). The planet Camus II is never mentioned.

Capellans (Friday’s Child)
Cereans (Friday’s Child script - first draft)

Chellik’s species (Critical Care)
Jye (Critical Care script - final draft)

Crewman Dax’s species (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
Megazoids (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country script - fifth draft)
Zeosians (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country novelization)

Crystalline Entity (Datalore)
branchers (Orion’s Hounds)

Deltans (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Dhei’ten (Watching The Clock)
Dhei-ten (Uncertain Logic)

Denebian slime devils (The Trouble With Tribbles - mentioned)
Denebia carnivora (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

Em/3/Green’s species (The Jihad)
Nasats (The Belly Of The Beast)

Excalbians (The Savage Curtain)
Excalbia hominidae (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

Farpoint creatures (Encounter At Farpoint)
astrocoelenterates (Orion’s Hounds)
star-jellies (Orion’s Hounds)
skymounts (Orion’s Hounds)
Farpoint Cnidarians (Star Trek Online)

Gallamites (The Maquis, Part I - mentioned)
Galamites (Where Sea Meets Sky)

Gem’s species (The Empath)
Anjurwan (The Healing Arts)

Gideon natives (The Mark Of Gideon)
Gideonites (The Worlds Of The Federation)

Gorn (Arena)
Gornaran archosaurs (The Worlds Of The Federation)
homo lacertae (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

grey-skinned alien in Federation Council (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Ariolo (Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

grey-skinned hostile aliens (Silent Enemy)
Elachi (Star Trek Online)
Kovaalans (Star Trek Encyclopedia - 4th edition)
Mutes (A Choice Of Futures)
Shroomies (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 3, Issue 7)
Vertians (A Choice Of Futures)

The Kovaalan ships from E² are a re-use of the Shroomie ships from Silent Enemy, so the Encyclopedia assumes they’re the same race.

Grizzela (The Ensigns Of Command - mentioned)
Grisella (Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Hirogen (Hunters)
Species 478 (Places Of Exile)

hooded Babel delegates (Journey To Babel)
Makusians (Forgotten History)
Zambeans (Star Trek Online),_Journey_to_Babel.jpg

Horta (The Devil In The Dark)
Janus hominidae (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

Humans / Terrans
homo sol (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)
Kyrrstn'Kwynn (The Worlds Of The Federation)
tera'ngan (The Klingon Dictionary)

Iconians (Contagion - mentioned)
Species 29 (Star Trek Online)

Iyaarans (Liaisons)
Iyarians (Liaisons script - second draft)
Lyaarans (

Jaresh-Inyo’s species (Homefront)
Grazerites (Homefront script - final draft)

Junior’s species (Galaxy’s Child)
Alpha Omicron creatures (The Starfleet Survival Guide)
Gekli (Star Trek Online)

Kalandans (That Which Survives)
Thalassans (That Which Survives script - first draft)

Kalar (The Menagerie, Part II)
Kaylar (Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Keenser’s species (Star Trek 2009 movie)
Roylans (Star Trek Ongoing #14)

Kelemane’s species (Blink Of An Eye)
Tahal-Isut (Eighteen Minutes)

Kelvin alien bridge officer’s species (Star Trek 2009 movie)
Monchezkins (Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #2 - IDW)'Bentayr.jpg

Klingons (Errand Of Mercy)
Daqawlu (Battlestations!)
fusion (The Final Reflection)
Gevish'rae (Faces Of Fire)
HemQuch (Excelsior: Forged In Fire)
homo sagittarii (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)
Imperial Race (The Final Reflection)
Kamorh'dag (Faces Of Fire)
Klinzhai (Battlestations!)
Kumburanya (Star Trek III: The Search For Spock novelization)
QuchHa' (Summon The Thunder)
Rumaiym (Star Trek III: The Search For Spock novelization)
Wijngan (Battlestations!),_2266.jpg

Kolos’s species (Q-Less)
Andorans (Q-Less script - final draft)

Kruge’s pet (Star Trek III: The Search For Spock)
jadashha (Star Trek III: Starship Combat Game)
Warrigul (Star Trek Online),_Star_Trek_III.jpg

The name Warrigul first appeared in the Star Trek III novelization, where it was the individual name of Kruge’s pet, rather than the name of the species.

Kzinti (The Time Trap)
K’zinti (Battlestations!)
Kz’nti (Star Trek Maps)

Letheans (Distant Voices)
Lethians (Klingon Honor Guard)

Lissepians (Progress)
Liseppians (

Magen’s species (The Time Trap)
Cygnians (Log Four)

Medusans (Is There In Truth No Beauty?)
Medeusans (Is There In Truth No Beauty novelization)

Mislen natives (The Swarm)
Mislenites (,_Mislen.jpg

Mordanites (Too Short A Season)
Mordanians (Star Trek The Next Generation First Year Sourcebook)

M’Ress’s species (The Survivor)
Caitians (Log Five)
Regulans (Starfleet Operations Manual)

Star Trek Maps describes Regulans as a non-humanoid race. The Worlds Of The Federation describes Regulans as humanoid reptilian bipeds.

mugato (A Private Little War)
gumato (A Private Little War novelization)
Mugatu (The Federation - FASA)
Neuralese Great Ape (A Private Little War script - first draft)

Nara’s species (Eye Of The Beholder)
Canopians (Starship Creator)

Nausicaans (Tapestry)
Nausicans (Klingon Honor Guard)

Nihydron (Year Of Hell, Part II)
Species 1184 (A Pocket Full Of Lies)

Ocampan (Caretaker)
Okampan (Battle Lines - VOY novel)

Orions (The Menagerie, Part II)
Orionites (Log Four)
Ur'eon (Prime Directive)

Pakleds (Samaritan Snare)
Species 95012 (A Dish Served Cold)

parasites that invaded Deneva (Operation: Annihilate!)
blastoneurons (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)
Denevan neural parasites (Star Trek Encyclopedia),_TOS.jpg

parasites that took over Starfleet Command (Conspiracy)
Bluegills (CCG: All Good Things)

Peliar Zel natives (The Host)
Pelians (
Peliars (The Buried Age)

purple aliens with big eyes (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Rigellians (Mego Star Trek - Rigellian)
Saurians (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

purple-skinned Babel delegates (Journey To Babel)
Violaceans (Star Trek Online)

Ramatis III natives (Loud As A Whisper)
Ramatins (CCG: Second Edition)
Ramatisians (

Regulan bloodworms (Stratagem)
Regulani vermis (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

reptilian alien in Federation Council (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Bzzit Khaht (Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

reptilian alien in Federation Council (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Kasheeta (Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

Rigelians / Rigellians (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) (Affliction)
Chelarians (Worlds - Decipher RPG)
Chelons (Bedside Matters)
Jelna (Tower Of Babel)
V’gelnians (The Orions: Book Of Common Knowledge)
Zami (Tower Of Babel)

Rigellian hypnoid (Mudd’s Passion)
Rirellian humanoid (Mudd’s Passion script - first draft)

rodent-like creatures on Dimorus (Where No Man Has Gone Before - mentioned)
Dimorans (Gary)
Dimorusians (The Worlds Of The Federation)

Romulans (Balance Of Terror)
Rihannsu (My Enemy, My Ally)
Rom'ielln (Uncertain Logic)
Rom'laans (The Way Of D'Era: The Romulan Star Empire)
Rom'lnz (The Romulans: Starfleet Intelligence Manual)
romuluSngan (The Klingon Dictionary)

Saratoga helmsman’s species (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Atreonids (Aliens - Decipher RPG)
Deltans (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home novelization)
Efrosians (Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update),_2286.jpg

It's not entirely clear whether or not the Saratoga helmsman from the movie is the same character as the Deltan Saratoga science officer Chitirih Ra-Dreii from the novelization.
The line "It appears to be a probe, Captain" is spoken by the Saratoga helmsman in the movie and by Chitirih Ra-Dreii in the novelization.
However, the line "their call is being carried on an amplification wave of enormous power" is spoken by the Saratoga science officer in the movie and by Chitirih Ra-Dreii in the novelization.

Sargon’s species (Return To Tomorrow)
Arretians (Watching The Clock)
Sargonians (Ex Machina)

Sarpeidon natives (All Our Yesterdays)
Sarpeids (Time For Yesterday)
Sarpeidons (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1)

Selay (Lonely Among Us)
Selayans (Star Trek The Next Generation Officer’s Manual)

Sheliak (The Ensigns Of Command)
Hrathan (The Ensigns Of Command script - first draft)

Shenzhou blue alien’s species (The Vulcan Hello)
Tulian (Desperate Hours)

short copper-skinned Babel delegates (Journey To Babel)
Dayen (Stardate Magazine #11)
Ithenites (A Less Perfect Union),_Journey_to_Babel.jpg

solanogen-based aliens (Schisms)
Solanae (Star Trek Online)

Sord’s species (The Jihad)
Gnalish (Reunion - TNG novel)

The idea that Sord is a Gnalish originated in a conversation between Therin of Andor and Michael Jan Friedman on a forum that is no longer accessible.

Species 6339 (Infinite Regress)
Octanti (Star Trek Online)

Species 8472 (Scorpion)
Groundskeepers (Places Of Exile)
Undine (Star Trek Online)

Sphere Builders (Harbinger)
Tuterians (Star Trek Online)

sur-snakes (The Ambergris Element)
cpheryhm-aj (Log Five)
duitra (The Worlds Of The Federation)
snake-squids (Log Five)

Tagus III ancient civilization (Qpid - mentioned)
Imotru (Q-Space)

tailheads (Emissary)
Chandir (Over A Torrent Sea),_The_storyteller.jpg

Tarchannen III aliens (Identity Crisis)
Tarchannens (

Tarellians (Haven)
Turellians (Star Trek The Next Generation Officer’s Manual)

Taurus II natives (The Galileo Seven)
Taureans (The Worlds Of The Federation)

Tellarites (Journey To Babel)
homo cygni (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)
tella'ngan (The Needs Of The Many)

Tiburonians (The Way To Eden)
Tiburonese (Star Trek The Original Series: Core Game Book)

Tiron’s species (Meridian)
Serilians (

Trelane’s species (The Squire Of Gothos)
Q (Q-Squared)

Tribbles (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Polygeminus grex (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)
yIH (Excelsior: Forged In Fire)

Vaalians (The Apple)
Homo Trianguli (Star Trek Maps)

Vaskans (Living Witness)
Vascans (Personal Log)

Verin’s species (Friendship One)
Uxali (Star Trek Star Charts)

Vidiians (Phage)
Vaphorans (Phage script - final draft)
Vidians (Battle Lines - VOY novel)

Vosk’s species (Zero Hour)
Na'khul (From History's Shadow)
Na'kuhl (Watching The Clock)

The name Na'kuhl is believed to be from the Storm Front call sheets, although this can't be confirmed.

Vulcans / Vulcanians (The Man Trap)
Eridanians (The Tears Of Eridanus)
homo eridani (Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)
vulqangan (The Klingon Dictionary),_2293.jpg

Worene’s species (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Aulacri (Ex Machina)

wrinkly grey alien (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Arcturians (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture),_TMP.jpg

yellow aliens in air tram station (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Aaamazzarites (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Therbians (The Making Of Star Trek: The Motion Picture),_TMP.jpg

yellow aliens on Rigel X (Broken Bow)
Xarantine (A Choice Of Futures),_Broken_Bow.jpg

Zaldans (Coming Of Age)
Maldans (Starfleet Academy script)

The Starfleet Academy script is an early version of the Coming Of Age script.

Zalkonians (Transfigurations)
Falacians (Transfigurations script - first draft)

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