Deep Space Nine

The Deep Space Nine reading list is centered around the "Deep Space Nine Relaunch," which chronicles events following the end of the Dominion War.  In addition to the references noted below, several additional novels, short stories, and comics are connected due to various references in other books, or to other books.  Four novels are connected by the three crossover series Invasion! (which is referenced several times in the Lit-verse), Day of Honor (which shares references with several things in the Lit-verse), and The Captain's Table (which connects thematically with the Lit-verse spanning Tales From the Captain's Table.

Three short stories or novellas are connected, one from The Brave and the Bold duology (which ties into the Gorkon series), one from Tales From the Captain's Table (which ties into the Relaunch,) and one from Seven Deadly Sins (which also ties into the Relaunch.) Several comics are connected by the Telepathy War crossover event (which ties into the Starfleet Academy series.) Ten novels in other series crossover with DS9: TNG: Slings and Arrows, Book 1, TNG: Slings and Arrows, Book 2, and TNG: Slings and Arrows, Book 6, TNG: The Battle of Betazed, SCE: Cold Fusion, SCE: Lost Time, Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony, The Fall, Book 2: The Crimson Shadow, The Fall, Book 4: The Poisoned Chalice, and ENT: The Good That Men Do.

Also included are the stories from Prophecy and Change, which contains a sequel to a Relaunch story, and Tales of the Dominion War, which ties into four Lit-verse series. Various references in parts of Unlimited #8, the Wildstorm Star Trek Special, and the anthology New Worlds, New Civilizations connect DS9 stories from both those works.  Also included here is Nog's "spin-off" comic series Starfleet Academy, in which a Titan character originated.  Several Relaunch characters spun off onto the USS Aventine, which features in the Destiny trilogy and subsequent novels, and they are included here.

Dark blue denotes the primary narrative.  Read these for the bare bones story.  Skip ahead to the next jumping-on-point to get current faster.  Light blue denotes the expanded storyline.  Read any or all of these to go a bit deeper.  The white denotes every other connected story from the entire Lit-verse, regardless of continuity.  Hover for notes.

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