General Star Trek

A few stories in the Star Trek Lit-verse do not easily fall into any series, and are listed here.  This includes the major Lit-verse stories of President Bacco, the USS Aventine, the Department of Temporal Investigations, and the USS Prometheus.  Five short stories are also connected, two from Enterprise Logs (which references several Lit-verse novels), two from The Lives of Dax (which ties into the DS9 Relaunch), and one from Tales of the Dominion War (which ties into four Lit-verse series.)  Various references in parts of the Wildstorm Star Trek Special and the anthology New Worlds, New Civilizations connect stories from those works. 

Dark blue denotes the stories most important to the rest of the Lit-verse and to Bacco, the Aventine, the DTI, and the Prometheus.  Light blue denotes the expanded storyline.  Read this to go a bit deeper.  The white denotes every other connected story from the entire Lit-verse, regardless of continuity.  Hover for notes.

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