New Frontier

The New Frontier reading list is centered around the series of novels following the adventures of the USS Excalibur in the former Thallonian Empire.  Reading New Frontier in chronological order leads to a few difficulties that no other Lit only series does.  A decades spanning anthology presents stories which assume familiarity with the New Frontier storyline and characters up through the first eighteen novels.   Flashbacks in several of those previous books end up interspersed with these short stories.  So in the case of New Frontier, a few of these flashbacks are presented as separate entries, in order to present the back story in a more consistent manner.  Also, some of the entries here are likewise listed on the Early 24th Century Reading List.

In addition to the main novel line, several other novels, comics, young adult novels, and short stories feature the New Frontier crew.  Three Starfleet Academy novels tell some back story of a few NF characters.  Two short stories are connected, one from Tales of the Dominion War and one from Tales From the Captain's Table.  Four novels feature cameos by New Frontier crew: TNG: Vendetta, TNG: Triangle: Imzadi II, TNG: Q&A, and TNG: Before Dishonor.

Dark blue denotes the primary narrative.  Read these for the bare bones story.  Light blue denotes the expanded storyline.  Read any or all of these to go a bit deeper.  White denotes cameos of New Frontier characters in other series.  Hover for notes.

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