How Many 5YM Adventures Are There?

Many people complain about the number of Five Year Mission stories that are told, even today after 50 years.  I wondered how many had actually been given to us over the years:

Five Year Mission:
  • 79 Episodes
  • 22 Animated Episodes
  • 13 Bantam Novels
  • 18 Bantam Short Stories
  • 57 Gold Key Comics
  • 1 Whitman YA Novel
  • 47 UK Comics
  • 6 Record Comics
  • 4 Random House Children's Books
  • 89 Pocket Novels
  • 3 Pocket Novellas
  • 24 Pocket Short Stories
  • 2 Pocket Ebooks
  • 2 Pocket Young Adult Novels
  • 2 Marvel Comics
  • 5 Marvel Comic Stories
  • 23 DC Comics
  • 1 DC Comic Story
  • 1 Amazing Stories Comic
  • 1 Wildstorm Comic
  • 14 Toykopop Comic Stories
  • 43 IDW Comics
  • 18 IDW Comic Stories

For a grand total of 472 missions depicted so far in the Five Year Mission.  And those don't count stories told through flashback in other adventures.  There are quite a handful of them which I've not numbered.  The vast majority of these tales take place in the final half of the five years, but for the sake of argument that rounds to about 94 adventures per year.  It next occurred to me to see how many missions have been depicted by the crew of the Enterprise-D during her seven and a half years in service:

Enterprise-D Missions

  • 178 Episodes
  • 1 Film
  • 61 Pocket Novels
  • 1 Pocket Novella
  • 34 Pocket Short Stories
  • 106 DC Comics
  • 8 DC Comic Stories
  • 5 Marvel Comic Stories
  • 5 Wildstorm Comics
  • 1 Wildstorm Comic Story
  • 4 Tokyopop Comic Stories
  • 25 IDW Comics

For a total of only 429 missions spread out over seven and a half years, for an average of only 57 adventures per year.  I almost expected for there to be surprisingly more TNG adventures than Five Year Mission adventures, but it turns out that the obvious answer is that the Five Year Mission has been explored far more than even the TNG era.

What does this all mean?  I'm not sure. But at least we now know.

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