Vanguard & Seekers

The Vanguard and Seekers novel continuity is centered around the two series of novels following the adventures of Starbase 47, the USS Endeavor, and the USS Sagittarius.  After the end of the Vanguard series, a sequel series, Seekers, was launched.  In addition to the main novel lines, one ebook is connected.  The events of the Vanguard series weave in and out of many TOS episodes and films.  Therefore notes on prequels and sequels are not given here.  The USS Lovell, which appeared in several Vanguard books, was featured in several SCE ebooks, including one Vanguard crossover, and they are included here.

Dark blue denotes the primary narrative.  Read these for the bare bones story.  Light blue denotes the expanded storyline.  Read any or all of these to go a bit deeper.  Hover for notes.

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