The Enterprise reading list is centered around the "Enterprise Relaunch," which chronicles events following "Terra Prime."  This begins with a telling of the historical events behind the "These Are the Voyages..." holoprogram.  Several other novels are connected due to a recurring character.  Three short stories are connected, one from The Brave and the Bold crossover duology (which ties into the Gorkon series), one from Tales From the Captain's Table (which ties into eight Lit-verse series), and one from DS9: The Lives of Dax (which ties into the DS9 Relaunch.)  Enterprise figures heavily in the Destiny trilogy through the use of flashbacks.

Dark blue denotes the primary narrative.  Read these for the bare bones story.  Light blue denotes the expanded storyline.  Read any or all of these to go a bit deeper.  The white denotes every other connected story from the entire Lit-verse regardless of overall continuity.  Hover for notes.

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