My Personal Continuity

Before starting this project I knew what books and comics comprised my personal Star Trek continuity.  The things that happened in my version of the Trek storyline.  I knew what I accepted and what I didn't.  But the further I dug into all the continuity links, the more I realized that my personal continuity should be a lot bigger.  Soon I will rethink that whole issue and, mostly for my own enjoyment, publish that list along with an explanation of my reasons for what's on it and what's not.

(My thoughts just for my own future reference:  Have a page of just the entries that comprise MPC, and then a page that lists everything from the Complete Lit-verse Reading List.  Stuff that is in addition to that would be in a different color and stuff that is removed would be in grey.  Hover notes for each entry that is added or removed. DC Vol 1 comics 1-8, 37, 39-55 maybe  issue 18) (DC TNG Vol 1 1,) (The last will be first audio book on literary treks)

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